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 ===== Logging ===== ===== Logging =====
 +The Crazyflie logging framework allows to log the state of Crazyflie variables in real-time. This subsystem is used by the client to show information like pose or battery level. 
 +The list of log variable can be seen in the "log TOC" tab in the client. 
 +Variables are logged in block: one log block is a list of variable that are logged at the same time. You can setup custom log blocks that can be plotted in the plotter and saved to file in the log block tab. 
 +To setup a new log block click on the menu "​settings/​logging configuration",​ You then see the following toolbox: 
 +{{ :​doc:​crazyflie:​client:​pycfclient:​client_log-configuration_anotated.png |}} 
 +  - List of log variable in the Crazyflie 
 +  - Log variables in the current log block 
 +  - Add the selected Crazyflie log variable in the log block 
 +  - Remove the selected log block variable from the log block 
 +  - Period at which the variables are sampled and the block is send by the Crazyflie to the client. The minimum possible period is 10ms (100Hz) and it can be set by step of 10ms up to 2550ms. 
 +  - Space taken by the variables in the log block. 
 +  - Name of the new or existing log blocks. You can choose an existing block from the list or type the name of a new one 
 +  - Load existing log block configuration 
 +  - Save log block configuration
 ===== Flight settings ===== ===== Flight settings =====
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