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System limitation

The lighthouse deck is released in early access which means that there is a couple of limitation you should be aware of:

  • Even though it is technically possible to measure the Crazyflie orientation using the 4 receivers on the deck, this is not implemented yet. The Crazyflie estimate its orientation by having a good initial estimate (starting facing X) and then by tracking the flight dynamic using the IMU and the positioning system position measurement.
  • In similar subject, the Crazyflie should be able to estimate its position by seeing only one base-station. This is not implemented yet and so the Crazyflie needs constant line of sight with both base-station. The posisition estimator will accept holes of a couple of seconds quite well, though it is important that direct line of sigh is kept as much as possible with both base-station.
  • It is currently required to had-code the base station position in the firmware. This means that you need to re-flash your Crazyflies each time you move the basestations. This will be solved in the future by first allowing to upload the basestation position with the radio and then by estimating the base-station position directly from within the Crazyflie.
  • Since the deck only has horizontal sensors, the angle at which the base-stations are seen cannot be too shallow. This means that you should fly at least 40cm bellow the base-stations and that the base-stations should be placed above the flight space. This is a hardware limitation of the current deck.
  • The Crazyflie currently only supports Vive base station V1. Base station V1 are limited to two base-station per system. Base-station V2 does not have this limitation and so allows to cover much larger space. Support for the base station V2 is currently being worked-on and should be available in a future firmware update.
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