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The wiki has three main tracks: projects, docs and misc. Each of these three have one namespace each where documentation is nested underneath it. Here's the content:

  • projects: Documentation that only relates to this project. Pages here should link into the doc structure, but pages with documentation should only contain things relevant to this specific project. For instance Crazyflie 2.0 assembly instruction should be placed in the projects namespace. CRTP (which spans multiple projects) should not.
  • doc: Documentation spanning multiple projects should be placed here and referenced (if necessary) from specific projects that use it. For instance CRTP and Android documentation should be placed here, but not schematics for the Crazyflie or assembly instructions for the Crazyflie 2.0.
  • misc: Things that aren't related directly to a specific project and that isn't documentation for products. Here we have placed things like this page, hacks for different projects and investigations that might span lots of different things.


Each namespace should contain an index page that specifies what's in the namespace and links to it. Even though some pages links past namespaces, these should still contain an index for links from outside.

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