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The Roadrunner is an advanced LPS tag based off the Crazyflie 2.1 hardware and runs the same firmware base as the Crazyflie 2.X.

Connects and buttons:

  1. Power/communication connector: Used to power board and use the UART
  2. Deck port: Crazyflie 2.X expansion deck connector (doc)
  3. SWD: Debug port (not mounted)
  4. ON/OFF/BOOTLOADER: Press and hold during startup to enable bootloader
  5. UF.L: 2.4Ghz antenna connector (for nRF)
  6. nRF LEDs: nRF controlled LEDs
  7. STM32 LEDs: STM32 controlled LEDs
  8. DWM1000 LEDs: DWM1000 controlled LEDs
  9. uSB power and data: Full-speed USB interface
  10. M3 mounting holes: The mounting holes used in the enclosure
  11. Power: Extra 2.54mm spaced power connector (not mounted)
  12. USART: Extra 2.54mm spaced UART connector (not mounted)

nRF controlled LEDs:

  • D7:
  • D8:

STM controlled LEDs:

  • D1:
  • D2:
  • D11:
  • D12:

DWM1000 controlled LEDs:

  • TX: Transmitting
  • RX: Receiving
  • SFD: Received packet timestamp
  • RXOK: Packet received without error


Schematics of Roadrunner RevB schematics

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