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Bosch Sensor Deck

Adds a variety of Bosch Sensortec sensors to the crazyflie.


As there are different versions of the sensor deck, some sensors are only available on one of them

  • Inertial measurement units:
    • BMI055 (V1+V2+V4)
      • triaxial 12-bit accelerometer (up to ± 16g)
      • triaxial 16 bit gyroscope (up to ± 2000°/s)
    • BMI160 (V1+V2+V4)
      • triaxial 16-bit accelerometer (up to ± 16g)
      • triaxial 16 bit gyroscope (up to ± 2000°/s)
  • Accelerometer:
    • BMA455 (V4) triaxial 16-bit accelerometer (up to ± 16g), upcoming sensor
  • Integrated environmental units:
    • BME680 (V1+V2)
      • Pressure
      • Relative humidity
      • Temperature
      • Gas (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Pressure sensors:
  • Geomagnetic sensors:
  • Smart hubs & ASSNs:
    • BMF055 (V1+V2+V4)
      • triaxial 14-bit accelerometer (up to ± 16g)
      • triaxial 16 bit gyroscope (up to ± 2000°/s)
      • triaxial geomagnetic sensor
      • 32 bit Cortex M0+ microcontroller from Atmel
  • (1-wire memory for automatic expansion deck detection) not specified yet - coming soon
  • Designed for mounting above or under the Crazyflie 2.0
  • Mechanical specification:
    • Weight:
    • Size (WxHxD): 25.2×28.75x4mm³


Bosch Sensortec expansion deck V2 schematic

Setting Up

If not already done create in tools/make from and add the following line:

SENSORS = bosch

Before make you may want to adjust which sensor should be used as gyroscope /accelerometer. This can be done by changing

static uint8_t gyroPrimInUse =          SENSORS_BMI055;
static uint8_t accelPrimInUse =         SENSORS_BMI055;

in sensors_bosch.c to any of the available sensors which fit as gyroscope respectively accelerometer.

Now you are ready to make the firmware and flash it on your crazyflie.

For evaluation purposes you might want to log sensors data which can be done with help of the Micro SD expansion deck.

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