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This page has deprecated and moved to the new documentation framework of the main Bitcraze website. Please go to

Bitcraze Virtual Machine

In order to easily get going with the development of Bitcraze projects we have pre-configured a virtual machine that can be imported into Oracle VirtualBox. It contains pre-requisites needed for development and usage of the projects at Bitcraze. For more information on what's included in the Bitcraze VM have a look at the README in the repository.

Note The virtual machine can also be imported into WM Player however you will then have to install the guest tools by yourself.

The VM is built using Packer, so if you would like to build you're own just clone the Bitcraze VM repo and follow the instructions in the README. For reference here's the old install instructions.

For information on how to install the VM please have a look at our Getting started guide and for instructions on how to develop for and flash the Crazyflie have a look at our Getting started with development guide.


To download the latest version of the Bitcraze VM, visit the Bitcraze VM GitHub release page.

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