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Using a Taranis X9D (Plus) RC transmitter with the Python PC client

If you already own a Taranis X9D (Plus) RC transmitter and want to use it as a controller, it can be configured to work with the Python PC client. Fortunately the transmitter is able to act as an USB Joystick (see

Create a new model for the Taranis X9D (Plus)

You should create a new model when using the Taranis as an USB Joystick:

  • you can turn off both internal and external TX modules
  • you need to configure the thrust input (Weight 50% and Offset 50%)
    • otherwise you can not use the full travel of the axis assigned to thrust
  • Servos menu
    • invert Thrust (CH1)
    • invert Eleron (CH3)

 Main screen  Model setup

 Thrust input settings  Servos settings

You can also download the configuration as an EEPE file and install it with the OpenTX Companion application.

Configure the Python client

  1. Turn on the Taranis
  2. Connect the Taranis with a USB cable to the PC
  3. Go to Input deviceConfigure device mapping
  4. Assign all axes
  5. (Optional) Save the configuration as a new profile

Or paste the following code in a new file and save it as FrSkyTaranis.json in the conf/input subdirectory of your Python PC client installation:

  "inputconfig": {
    "inputdevice": {
      "updateperiod": 10, 
      "name": "FrSkyTaranis", 
      "axis": [
          "scale": -1.0, 
          "type": "Input.AXIS", 
          "id": 0, 
          "key": "thrust", 
          "name": "thrust"
          "scale": 1.0, 
          "type": "Input.AXIS", 
          "id": 3, 
          "key": "yaw", 
          "name": "yaw"
          "scale": 1.0, 
          "type": "Input.AXIS", 
          "id": 1, 
          "key": "roll", 
          "name": "roll"
          "scale": -1.0, 
          "type": "Input.AXIS", 
          "id": 2, 
          "key": "pitch", 
          "name": "pitch"

Use the Taranis X9D (Plus) with the Python client

  1. Before connecting to the Crazyflie, check that all axes are working (values should change in the client)
  2. Attention: Always make sure that the thrust stick is all the way down before connecting to the Crazyflie :!:
  3. Fly the Crazyflie with the Taranis and have fun! :-D

Further ideas to explore

  • Configure switches on the Taranis as buttons for emergency stop, etc.
  • Try out dual rates and/or expo
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