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Multiranger deck

The multiranger deck gives Crazyflie 2.0 the ability to sense the distance to objects around it with mm precision up to 4 meters. It contains 5 VL53L1X ranging sensors facing in the front, left, back, righ and up direction. When used together with the Flow deck the crazyflie can autonomously move around and avoid obstacle.


  • 5x VL53L1x ToF sensor to measure distance up to 4 meters
  • PCA9534 I2C GPIO expander to stage VL53 sensor startup
  • 1-wire memory for automatic expansion deck detection
  • Designed for mounting above the Crazyflie 2.0
  • Mechanical specification:
    • Weight: 2.3g
    • Size (WxHxD): 35x35x5mm


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