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Radio programming

The Radio dongle can be programmed either via USB bootloader or via <abbr title=“Serial Peripheral Interface Bus”>SPI</abbr>. The USB bootloader does not require any hardware but is not currently (as of 2012-09) full-proof (if the flash procedure does not complete well the dongle will have to be reprogrammed via spi). It is recommended to program only released firmware via USB.

In Linux it might be required to launch the commands accessing the USB port as root (ie. with sudo)

USB bootloader (command line instructions)

First Crazyradio has to be rebooted in USB bootloader mode. To do so insert the dongle in the pc, open a terminal window and run the bootloader launcher:

> cd pc_util/crazyradio/
> python
Launching bootloader ..
Bootloader launched.

After running this tool the Crazyradio dongle should have disappeared and a new device named nRF24LU1P-F32 BOOT LDR should appear.

To flash the firmware use the script:

> python flash /path/to/cradio.bin
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