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Crazyradio manual windows installation using zadig

Zadig is a tool that allows installing usb drivers on windows without warnings and without the need to restart the computer in maintenance mode. This is the new recomended way to install Crazyradio on windows.

Install the driver

First of all download Zadig from its website: There is a version for Windows XP and one for vista and later.

Plug Crazyradio in the PC. Windows should display some installation window. On windows8 it does nothing and closes itself. On windows 7 you have to close the install failed window. On Windows XP just click “cancel” in the driver install window that should pop-up when connecting the dongle.

Windows 8 driver installation windows Windows 7 install failed

Once windows is out of the way, launch Zadig, you should see the Crazyradio in the list. Select crazyradio, select libusb and click install:

Zadig setup

The install process should run and succed. Installation is usually quick but it could also take some time:

Et voilà! The driver is now installed and you can use Crazyradio to fly a Crazyflie or else :).

Reinstall driver

If the Crazyradio driver is wrongly installed and needs to be reinstall, plug the crazyradio, launch Zadig and click “Option/show all devices”. You should be able to choose Crazyradio in the list and reinstall the libusb driver:


If things does not work check that the Crazyradio appears as a libusb device in the Windows device manager. If it is not the case try to reinstall the driver as described above.

If you are having problems with the radio not working all the time (like scanning but not connecting) you can try to install the libUSBK driver, it have been behaving a bit better to some version of pyusb:

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