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Preparing the LPS nodes

Use the LPS configuration tool to update the firmware and set the addresses of the nodes from 0-5. Note the address on the nodes.

The nodes should be placed at least 15 cm away from walls or ceiling. In our reference set-up we accomplish this by using these 3D printed stands.

Power the anchors with 5V using either the micro-USB connector, the terminal or the DJ-jack.

Note; If you're not following our reference set-up for placing the nodes try to space them out at lest 2 meters apart and at different heights (see Dilution Of Precision).

The position in X/Y/Z of the anchor UWB antenna needs to be measured. To do so chose an origin (in a square/rectangular room one of the corners is a good choice), choose your axis to be a right-handed coordinates. Finally you can measure the X/Y/Z position of the anchors in this coordinate system. Using a corner as origin means that you can use a laser-ranger against the walls to get a direct reading of the coordinates.

Use the LPS tab of the Crazyflie client to store the physical anchor positions in the anchors. The communication from the client to the anchors is bridged through a Crazyflie, so you must have a Crazyflie with an Loco Positioning deck connected to the client.

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