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Using a Taranis X9D (Plus) RC transmitter with the Crazyflie Android client

If you already own a Taranis X9D (Plus) RC transmitter and want to use it as a controller, it can be configured to work with the Crazyflie Android client. Fortunately the transmitter is able to act as an USB Joystick (see

Create a new model for the Taranis X9D (Plus)

Configure the Crazyflie Android client

Here are the necessary steps to configure the Crazyflie Android client:

  1. Turn on the Taranis
  2. Connect the Taranis with a USB cable and a USB host (OTG) adapter to the Android device
    • The Taranis screen should display a USB symbol when it's connected
  3. Check that all sticks are in center position
  4. Open the Crazyflie Android client
  5. Go to Preferences → Controller Settings and switch Controller to Gamepad
  6. Go to Gamepad axis and button mapping and configure the following axes
    • Right analog X axis should be AXIS_Y
    • Right analog Y axis should be AXIS_Z
    • Left analog X axis should be AXIS_RX
    • Left analog Y axis should be AXIS_X
  7. Depending on the mode you are using on the Taranis (Mode 1 or 2), set the Mode in the Android app
    • Preferences → Flight control settingsMode

Use the Taranis X9D (Plus) with the Crazyflie Android client

  1. Before connecting to the Crazyflie, check that all axes are working (values should change in the Android app)
  2. Attention: Always make sure that the thrust stick is all the way down before connecting to the Crazyflie :!:
  3. Connect to the Crazyflie 2 over BLE
    • If you have a Crazyflie 1 you need to use a (powered) USB hub to connect both the Taranis RC transmitter and the Crazyradio USB dongle
  4. Fly the Crazyflie with the Taranis and have fun! :-D
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