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Project contributions

One of our goals is to involve the community in the development of our projects. Since we have a limited amount of time and ideas we think that our projects will become better by involving more people. To achieve this we have tried to:

  • Only use open source tools so that if you want to contribute then the tools we use are freely available
  • Document our projects on this wiki
  • Have a forum were we can discuss the projects
  • Accept contributions from the community
  • Post an update every Monday on our blog what's going on in our projects or at Bitcraze

What do we need help with?

In general we need help with testing, bug-fixing, development of new features and lots of ideas and cool projects:

  • Have a look at the trackers over at GitHub
  • Drop by the forums and discuss your ideas, improvements and projects
  • Test/develop our software on other platforms like Mac OSX

How to contribute

The repositories

For contributions in our repositories we are using the Pull-Request functionality that's available on GitHub.
Here's a GitHub pull request tutorial.

Bugs/issues reporting

If you find any bugs or issues please report them to our project trackers over at GitHub.

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