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Crazyflie 2.0 assembly instructions

The Crazyflie 2.0 is a solderless development kit that needs to be assembled before it is used. Please read through all the instructions on this page before assembly and make sure to follow them. An assembly video is also available.

What's in the packet

The Crazyflie 2.0 kit contains the following items, including spare parts:

  • 1 x Crazyflie 2.0 control board with all components mounted
  • 5 x CW propellers
  • 5 x CCW propellers
  • 6 x Motor mounts
  • 1 x LiPo battery (240mAh)
  • 5 x Coreless DC motors
  • 2 x Short expansion connector pins (1×10, 2mm spacing, 9mm long)
  • 2 x Long expansion connector pins (1×10, 2mm spacing, 14mm long)
  • 1 x Battery holder expansion board

Needed for assembly

To assemble the Crazyflie 2.0 you won't need any tools, but you will need the following equipment:

  • A device to connect to the Crazyflie 2.0 with, either a Crazyradio (PA) with the client or a mobile device with one of our apps
  • A uUSB cable to power the board
  • And of course, the kit you just purchased.

Before you start

Every Crazyflie 2.0 control board goes though extensive testing before leaving the factory. To make sure that nothing has happened to the unit during shipping, the first thing to do before starting assembly is test it. When the Crazyflie 2.0 powers on it runs a series of self-tests that cover most of the critical hardware. The results of the tests are indicated by the on-board LEDs. To test the radio parts, you should also connect to the Crazyflie using a Crazyradio (PA) or a mobile client. The steps to perform are as follows:

  • Unpack the Crazyflie 2.0 control board and connect it using a uUSB cable
  • The power-on self-test will run and the LEDs M1/4 will indicate the results. If the M4 LED blinks green 5 times fast, the tests pass (example). If the M1 LED blinks red 5 times fast (over and over again) the tests have failed (example).
  • Now connect a client to the Crazyflie using a Crazyradio, or if you are using a mobile device client, over Bluetooth. If the connection is successful then the Crazyflie 2.0 is ready for assembly. But if these tests do not pass, contact the retailer where you purchased the unit.

Assembly steps

1. Make sure that the packet contains all of the parts and that you have tested the circuit board. If there are any problems then please contact the retailer where you purchased the Crazyflie 2.0.

2. Twist the wires of four of the motors and insert them into the motor mounts. Twisting the wires will help reduce interference and the wires' length so they will fit better. Make sure that the cable of the motor is inserted into the gripping groove that's underneath the motor mount.

3. Slide the motor mounts onto the 4 wings of the Crazyflie 2.0 and connect them. It doesn't matter what motor you attach where. Make sure that the wing goes all the way into the motor mount to fasten it firmly.

4. Attach the propellers to the motors according to the images. Make sure that the propellers bend upwards like the image below, otherwise they are turned upside-down and it won't fly.

5. Attach the foam pad to the PCB between the two connectors. Insert the two shorter pin-headers, one in each connector. Put the battery in place and then attach the battery holder on top of it. Try to adjust the battery so the weight is balanced. You can test this by holing the two “ears” with your fingertips and trying to balance it horizontally.

6. You are ready!


Propeller placement

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