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Below is a list of features/functionality that we would love to see made reality but still haven't had the time. If you have any more suggestions don't hesitate to drop us an email or drop by the forum to post your ideas and they might end up here.

  • Some kind of automated flight using openCV on a host computer. We already tested this without much success but we haven't given up :-)
  • Better Android client. It would be great with a similar API to the one we currently have in the Crazyflie Python API.
  • FPV flying (ongoing)
  • Controlling a large quadcopter with brushless motors (ongoing)
  • Altitude and heading control
  • Low energy Bluetooth add-on board
  • Prototype motor-mounts for bigger motors
  • Prototype motor-mounts for “double motors”
  • Mac OSX support/testing (Beta support)
  • Support for E-sky RC-transmitter (Beta support)
  • Make Crazyradio work as a R/C transmitter module
  • Small lightweight camera add-on for low resolution video streaming using the internal nRF24L01+ radio, Crazycam.
  • Acrobatic mode
  • Make a version of the kit that is assembled
  • Capture the flag game and other team games
  • Training wheel frame to protect the Crazyflie from crashes
  • Client notification when new client/firmware version is available (on GitHub)
  • Support for multiple languages in cfclient (on GitHub)
  • Sensor calibration
  • Altitude hold / hover mode (ongoing)
  • “Come find me” mode. This should use the motors to make a sound in case the Crazyflie has been lost.
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